It's official - approved and eviction

I was officially approved by the transplant committee to be an excellent candidate for live donor transplant contingent upon my current kidneys being removed.

Sorry guys, you have your eviction notice

So the next step is to pray even harder for someone to come forward who is a match for me! They are coordinating with the surgeon, operating room, another surgeon, nephrologist and some others but I should soon have a date for a bilateral (meaning both kidneys)  nephrectomy.

Won't that leave you with no kidneys? You can do that?! 

Yes, that means that I will have no kidneys and my life as I know it will change drastically. Travel will be a huge challenge, as I will need to immediately start dialysis. I'll have a catheter in my chest which is a huge risk for serious infection.  I won't be able to go swimming, which I absolutely love to do :(.  But I'll hopefully have no more pain, which blankets me all day/every day now. And maybe I'll feel less crowded and will be able to eat full meals.

Who can be a living donor for me? Some of the the most common are:

  • male or female, it does not matter
  • Race, ethnicity and origin does not matter either 
  • 18yr - 65yr (the upper age limit is a guideline, not a strict cut-off) 
  • Be relatively healthy (no diabetes, heart disease, cancers now or previously) 
This is not a complete list. For that you'd need to visit Living donor criteria.  If you're not sure, please feel free to call the OSU Transplant Center at 1.800.293.8965 option 3 and option 3 again for Kelly N. and ask them, they'll be happy to help you. 

Thank you all for your prayers, words of encouragement, good thoughts and support! 

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